Friday, July 27, 2007

Take This Bread

From Sara Miles' book:
"I think that we're being called to something harder than being conventional 'Good Samaritans.' To understand ourselves, individually and as a church, being rescued by strangers and foreigners, by the wrong people. To understand ourselves, individually and as a church, as beaten, hungry, hurting, lost at the side of the road. Called to touch parts of ourselves that are strange and damaged and needy. Called to receive love from people we don't know and have no reason to trust. And only then, in turn, being called to the second part: to go and do the same thing -- knowing it will change us in ways we didn't plan and may not like. And both receiving and giving mean really opening ourselves to strangers -- in whose bodies we find, and upon whose being depends, our own salvation."
"O God of abundance, you feed us every day.
Rise in us now, make us into your bread,
That we may share your gifts with a hungry world,
And join in love with all people, through
Jesus Christ our Lord."

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